A Drawing For The Automobile Lovers

Coloured pencil drawings are in fact more like a painting than a drawing where you use a pallet of colours which are layered to create depth and dimension.  Achieving those combinations is a little more difficult than you would think.

This beauty sits out behind the shed on the farm, a project that never quite made it to fruition.  If you are curious it is a 1954 Chevy . . . so I’ve been told.

This ‘painting’ measures 14” by 11”, the perfect size to capture all that beautiful detail.

For the most part I used Prismacolor pencils . . . I have used these pencils for many years and love how easily they blend.  Lyra Rembrandt poly pencils are a close second which I used as well.

I truly love the bright colours in this piece.

Prints and cards are available.