Happiness Page Project - Colouring and Shading

So now that we have a few of our Happiness days filled in lets do some colouring.

With this smooth paper I like to use my Staedtler Norris Coloured pencils.  They are a dense lead which produces a highlighted effect.  I don't want my colouring to take away from my words, I want them to enhance the overall feel of the page.

In the month of April I used a orange/pink/purple combination.  I find these colours go very nicely together...they are very bright and cheery.

For the month of February I started with a blue/grey then eased into the green hues and finished with purples/pinks.  It's fun to play with your colours.  You could do themes for each month...that would be fun!

Highlight some words that you want to stand out...important to your entry and colour with a complimentary colour.

Something I love to do is shade the outside of the block a little darker than the centre so as to give the block some dimension.  You can see this on the February plate.  After I colour I use a soft white eraser to lift out some colour from the centre...it's like reverse shading.  I love this technique!!!

Have fun colouring this weekend.  Come on over to my Facebook Group and share some of your creations...I would love to see them!


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