A Brand New Year - Doodle Challenge

Hello lovelies.  So let's start this year off with something new...new for me and possibly you.

At my Calendar workshop over the weekend it was suggested that I hold a pen and ink pattern challenge. Once a week I will post a pattern for you to try and then master.  I have challenged myself to a pattern a day which is proving to be VERY challenging indeed by the end of the year I will have 365 complete pages.  It is ambitious, I know, but I am committed.

By the end of this challenge for you, you will have a book filled with 50-52 patterns...AWESOME!

These patterns I choose for you are not unique to me but once learned we make them unique to us.  We put our own sweet touches to them and they become 'ours'.  I am reading 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert.  To paraphrase she states many of our endeavours have been tackled before us but not by US.

I find many patterns on Pinterest and on the Zentangle site.  Once you learn the how's you practice to make it yours.  Add new lines, add colour, shading, incorporate them into your own work, paintings, quilting, drawings etc.

Here is Worksheet #1

Some of the patterns have names some I cannot find any.

If you are wondering about the book format I am using it is an Arc customizable system from Staples.  This is the 8.5x11 size with graph paper.  If you aren't familiar with these journals you will love them, it's all I use for my workbooks.  The pages are removable for ease of use and you can reposition them any where else in your book.  The paper is a lovely weight and smooth finish.  I chose the graph paper (which you buy separately) for the ease of drawing my squares.

So here we go!  Enjoy and happy inky fun!



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