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Hello my Artsy friends...I hope this day finds you well.

At the beginning of each new year I like to choose a word that I will use to inspire me throughout my daily journey.  

Last year the word I chose was 'OPEN' be open to new experiences, open for change and open to being more flexible.  It worked very well for me having a reminder when I would find myself floundering with indecision or wariness...I would say to myself  'Just Be Open'.  On occasion I would be reminded by the universe with little signs around town...doors to shops will have the word open on it, most do but I would only notice when I needed it most.

This year I have chosen a word but usually need to live with it for a while to see if it's going to be THE WORD or not...mull it around so to speak and yes I did like it so.....

The word I chose for this year is 'ENERGY'.

You can see it here on my metal bulletin board that hangs above my desk in the will greet me every day and remind me of what I need.  I suggest you find a place for your word so it pops out to keep you motivated as well.

I hope to have energy to complete much more this year...the energy to stay on track and not get discouraged, to feel energy and share it with my friends and to feel energized by every aspect of my Art career.

Bring it on 2012...I'm ready.

Post Script...On another note, on my recent visit to the new IKEA (Oh so wonderful) I grabbed a little metal cabinet for the studio.  I have been eying these for quite some time so I treated myself as a 'welcome' to 2012...yeah!  I love to buy new things for my's very uplifting...a good way to start the year off, don't you think?


  1. Energy is a wonderful word. Love the cabinet!

  2. Thanks Wendy, I think the word is very appropriate for me this year. The little cabinet makes me very happy.

  3. Next time I'm back in Ontario, I would love to see your studio space!!! It sounds heavenly, and inspiring.

  4. Oh that would be wonderful Elaine, let's make it a date.


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