Draw With Me - Week 3

Hello my Artsy friends...lovely of you to pop by.  

So it is week 3 and as I promised in my last installment we are going to talk pencils.  You can draw with just about anything...as long as it makes a mark on a surface you're good to go but wait...is it that simple?  Well yes I think it is and I have tried many a drawing utensil...that's where the fun is.

When you enjoy drawing, anything will work but (and there is always a but) not all pencils are created equal.  Your every day pencil is usually a HB and sometimes a 2B.  Pencils are graded on their hardness or blackness.  Some think that the B stands for softness but in truth it's how black the pencil is and for a pencil to achieve it's degree of black it becomes softer so that is the connection.  You can achieve a fabulous black with an 8B.  For me this is huge as I love the contrast between the darks and light...now we're talking.

You also have H for yes hard pencils and F for fine point (more for drafting).  You can buy pencils in sets or as singles.

For years I used Faber Castell pencils just because that is what my teachers suggested when I attended Art School...so...they should know right?  Yes, they are very nice pencils...I still use them though I do use Derwent pencils now as well...I have obtained a nice drawing set, Graphic Soft 12 tin, so for this project I will be using them exclusively to see if I find any differences in how they perform.  I like a new smooth, creamy pencil...I absolutely cringe at a dry graphite or a pencil that has foreign particles (big shiver)

So now we have chosen paper and pencils...next week I'll discuss erasers, stubs and other tools we made need.

Have a great week...dig out those pencils and dust off the old drawing board we'll be starting soon.


PS  There are many many more makes of pencils and if you get the chance give them a try and let me know what you think...I'm always up for new experiences.

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