Art in the Park - What a fabulous day!

Hello dear artsies, I hope you are all full of inspiration these days.

I had the opportunity to participate in my first outdoor event, Art in the Park in Richmond.  The newly formed Art Group had decided on this outdoor event as it coincided with a quilt display and the Annual Chicken BBQ put on by the Volunteer Fire Fighters...we couldn't have ordered a better day.

I was a little apprehensive as the weather can be quite destructive when it comes to paper, it's a challenge we artists face when confronting the outdoors but the sun was shining so I thought I would give it a go.  I borrowed a tent from art friends Coralee and Les Bartley, tie wrapped the tent poles to my grids (thanks Steve) in hopes of not becoming a sail.  At times it was gusty, a few framed pieces took a tumble but were no worse for wear and I enjoyed my day immensely, a great first.

It does require a bit more time for setup/take down but it's a lovely way to spend a day...and I always meet the nicest people.

Wishing you loads of inspiration and determination.


  1. Your display looks wonderful, I'm so glad you had a great day. Sorry I didn't make it there.

  2. Love your display. Hope you did well at the show!
    I used to do outdoor shows. Weather can be a challenge.


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