Derwent Graphitint Pencils - Lovely muted colour tones

Hello Artsies, I'm so glad you had a minute to pop by.  I've been trying out some new pencils and I have to tell you I love, love, love them.

I am fascinated by the tones that graphite can give my drawings...the contrast between the light and negative spaces but as an artist I'm always looking for that next thing to try, that new material to give my drawings a fresh and interesting edge.

I work with both graphite and coloured pencils enjoying what both have to offer me in terms of versatility and finish but to have both in one well that's just awesome.

For my first attempt using these Graphitints I am pleasantly pleased with the results.  I was looking for a way to incorporate subtle colour into my graphite drawings and I have found it...this is me smiling.  They are the equivalent to a 4B pencil so the range from light to dark that I can achieve suits my needs perfectly.

Another unique feature about these pencils is that they are water soluble, so if you are looking for a more intense hue just by adding water will make the colour pop. Though that's not my cup of tea I can see how great they would be...hmmm...ideas are formulating.

As with my 'Easton Skate' graphite drawing I see a pattern emerging...I think I have a thing for laces.  I find them so intriguing, their twists, turns and texture...I see more of these in the future.

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes...ballet, child's first pair, a vintage pair of boots?  I can turn these into a treasured keepsake by turning them into a drawing...a nice gift for yourself or someone special.

Time to go, another drawing awaits and I am so excited to get started.

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  1. Sheila, I stumbled on these quite by accident, and I'm with you, they are great, when you add water they give you another dimension to your drawing. Have you tried the Derwent Inktense watersoluable pencils, they are also so vibrant. I have been posting about my experience with some sketches on my art blog... been doing some quick sketches then will go back and spend more time on each piece.


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