Where is the summer going?

Hello and welcome.  I hope you've been following me over at 'How I See It' photos from my every day, that's where you'll be sure to see what I've been up to, my photos spill over into my creative life which is the life I live every day, how lucky am I.

I've been crazy busy, something I'm sure you can all relate to, the kids are home, husband is off on holidays, so many outside projects to attend to and Farmers Markets...so much fun at the markets.

Participating in a Farmers Market has kept me focused on being serious about creating and staying on top of my productivity.  Meeting people at the markets has made me realize just how much I love talking with people about art...my art or art in general and without failure I always pick up interesting facts or tips about something relative to my craft.

We all need a purpose, it's what keeps us energized about life.  We need to participate in our lives, we have been given this wonderful gift and should take advantage of every opportunity to fulfil our greatest potential.  We all have something special to give to this delicate world of ours and if we focus on that I believe we will live a more harmonious life.

Of course it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that we all take on way too much but don't you find, as I do, there is just so many things I want to explore and experience.  We need to learn how to be more discriminating with our time because for me it's all about the path not the destination, that's where the fun lies.

Well that's enough insight for today, I must go forth and practice what I preach...it all makes perfect sense when I see it written down, let's hope I can keep on task.

All the best to you with your search for artistic peace...keep your mind open to possibilities, that's when the universe is trying to show you what's available...it's infinite.

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