Palette Swatches

Sometimes it's a little hard to get going, especially on a Monday (hazelnut/vanilla coffee helps) Here are a few things that work for me and I hope they'll work for you, it's worth a try.

I recently, and that is relative, bought some new LuminArte watercolour paints (they are so cute in their little pots) and decided it was time to start to explore. Making swatches of paint groupings is a great way to stimulate your passion, you learn a little about their properties and intensity. Unlike standard watercolours these paints have a subtle shimmer to them which add a unique 'glow'. I use these swatches for later works to decide on shades I think will work for a particular piece. Just applying the colour and watching the hues illuminate fuels the creative flow.

Another good exercise is making gradient swatches, starting with intense colour then gradually add more water to each application. I keep the swatches in a reference journal which is also helpful when you decide to purchase more, which is inevitable.

Do you remember getting new watercolour paint tins as a kid? I just couldn't wait to get my brush into them to see what they could do. Use that same innocence. Explore today like a child, it's good for the soul and a lot of fun.

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