On the wing of a prayer

Insects, and in particular dragonflies, facinate me with the delicate and intricate design of their beauty. How wonderful are all their strange little bodies and remarkable detail of their lace like wings. On one particular day, as I admired the warm summer sun, I noticed there were 21 of these 'little lovelies' sitting on my clothes line. I pondered for a moment, wondering what were they doing there sitting on my line then realized that (in my mind) they were just visiting one another and me. What a sight, I sat and marveled for quite some time at this unique event. Does this happen often? Not sure but I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed this and it gives me a warm comfort to think I was stopping life long enough to notice. We seem to spend so much time racing that we miss the race. Take notice of 'little lovelies', they'll stop to say hi.

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