Commissions - Drawing Our Loved Ones

I was so fortunate to be allowed to turn an adorable family photo into a keepsake this past week.  

A Facebook friend posted the most beautiful photo of her father who turned 88 a few weeks past, after a bit of conversation I began work on this rendering.

Maureen messaged me her photo and I began to play with the image to see if it was indeed usable.  Often old photos are very grainy but this was fantastic.

She decided on a size and I went to work.  This drawing came to life in a matter of days, I just couldn't leave it be, every spare moment I was back at it. . . it called to me.

I began with laying down my under drawing and was suppose to take progress photos but I got so caught up in the creating that his legs were complete in a mater of hours.

I think it was the beautiful curl on the top of his head that melted my heart and the squinty-eyed look every cherub of that age can cast on you.  In another day the little boy was complete then I only had the background to finish.

This is the completed rendering.  What a treasured keepsake Maureen now has to share with her family.

I hope she enjoys her drawing as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work, Sheila. I am sure Maureen and her family will treasure it :)

    1. Thanks for looking in Lissa, I like that she can now share prints with her family.

  2. Wow Sheila! It's like the rendering has more emotion than the original picture! You do amazing work! Such a wonderful keepsake for Maureen and her family!

    1. Thanks so much, Donna, for the kind words. The emotion is there though hard to see, I just lightened up his little face a tad. I'm hoping Maureen is in love with it like I am.


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